How to wear sport shoes to be fashionable

You probably have previously noticed, that sport shoes started to be highly popular in last few seasons. All people wear them – girls, men, old as well as young people It is difficult to go to any place and don’t see guys in sport shoes.

You might see them in parks, universitie and even in clubs. Presently, you could wear them any place and almost on each occasion. Nevertheless, tons of guys are still not sure if they know how to wear those shoes so they look good. If this is your case – do not worry, as this article will give you some tips for you,which might be certainly useful regarding that area.

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Autor: Kris Duda

First of all, you need to know some suggestions about purchasing sneakers. If you wanna wear them on various occasions, it cannot be those old sneakers reebook you have been wearing to the gym for the last past years. It gotta be a pair of sneakers that you buy specially to wear as “normal” pair of shoes. Moreover, your first pair of sneakers must be as basic as possible. Thanks to this you could wear them with most of typical clothes. For example, if you purchase plain or white, standard sneakers reebok pairs, you could wear it practically with everything- with shorts, leggings, but also with dresses. In consequence, do not go crazy choosing your first pair of sneakers – try not to select some special colours or patterns. Why? Because this might be much more difficult to match them with clothes later on. So keep it easy. Afterward, when you get some experience in the field of wearing sport shoes in various stylisations, you might always purchase another pair, with more crazy colours.

Now, when you know what your first pair of sneakersmust look like, you can use some tips regarding how to wear it. Well, the most important tip is – you may wear it with everything. At this moment, when sneakers are so famous the only one thing you can’t wear it with is your wedding dress. Except of that, this is really hard to think of any example of clothes that sneakers cannot be wear with.

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Autor: Kris Duda

Remember just 2 important rules:
– Firstly, while wearing your sneakers reebok, make sure that your socks are invisible. This can ruin the whole effect!
– What is more, your trousers shouldn’t be too loose as well as shouldn’t cover your sneakers. ProbablyGenerally the best option is to wear skinny jeans.